Hello world!

How appropriate that the WordPress developers chose “Hello World!” as the default title for the automatically generated first post of a new blog. Appropriate because this entire enterprise relies on software platforms, servers, and networked cloud storage systems of which I—as the mere blogger—am only theoretically aware, but which start with the software engineer learning his or her first “Hello World” program.

A program whose ability to run relies on a decades of carefully planned work to differentiate—and some might say, abstract—programming languages from particular hardware platforms. This blogging software takes the process a step farther, as I do not need to even learn the relatively simple HTML markup that I would have needed to know in my youth to produce a webpage. The blog is focused on the so-called content—albeit transformed by the code and hardware that allows for its instantaneous diffusion to similarly wired people the world over—barring of course the protocols of censorship and filtering that evermore narrow the vaunted freedom that networks are supposed to enable.

I hope this blog will be a channel for the quick communication and development of (relatively) well-crafted speculations on matters of academic and non-academic concern to me. My partially formed thoughts can reach a (hopefully) larger audience for critique and reforming than personal communications allow, and that the glacial pace and review of print academic journals prohibit. It is a journey that I hope will enhance rather than replace intellectual exchange in other venues.


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  1. Well, welcome! Pleased to have you here. Will follow you now and I expect brilliant everything (joking!) 🙂 I am interested in the individualising and digitalising of being and its interactions with withdrawing and movement within the zeit at luminal speeds of transmission that put parsecs of space between movements, so this is a fascinating beginnings!

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