Link Digest

~ Group blog Crooked Timber posts an extended discussion of academic freedom and the ASA boycott of Israeli universities. The debate participants are philosophers, political theorists, and legal scholars, etc.

~ Damiano Gui realizes digital environments have stopped looking to the so-called physical world for interface metaphors (i.e. skeumorphism) and are now looking to born digital metaphors—digital skeumorphism.

It was way before I started dealing with design and technology. But of course, I’ve been using computers since I was a kid. To me, a folder is primarily a virtual one. A file has no existence as a concrete object. A desktop can only be made out of pixels. This is probably due to my mother language not being English, but also because I started to use folders, files and desktops on a computer way before I started to use those in real life. Not to mention something like the rolodex: I’ve never seen a real one in my life. This is exactly why skeumorphism is losing its very reason for being. And this is why the reverse is going to happen, soon.

~ TED heralds the end of civilization, natch. Science, philosophy and technology run on the model of American Idol—as embodied by TED talks—is a recipe for civilisational disaster.

~ An English-language introduction to German "cultural techniques" (Kulturtechniken).


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