Link Digest

~ Warner and Clauset, “The Academy’s Dirty Secret” Slate. Reminding us that the reputation of your graduate program determines whether you’ll secure one of those coveted tenure-track positions. The authors focus mostly on the social sciences and history.

~ Inspired by the above article, Goodwin extends the analysis to English literature faculty and confirms that the same patterns hold:

Where full and associate faculty got their PhDs:

Just assistant professors:

~ To no one’s surprise—I hope—the University of Tennessee president announced a plan for post-tenure review to help close the budget gap, presumably because it will allow them to fire tenured faculty who no longer produce research or draw sufficient numbers of undergraduates to their classes.

I’m not sure why he declared this publicly instead of simply continuing with the already time-test strategy of de-tenuring people by hiring contingent faculty—i.e. visiting assistant professors, lectures, and adjuncts—and then waiting for the tenured to retire.

~ On the knowing the world through data rather than narrative and the end of novels—Tom McCarthy on our dataverse.


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