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~ Warner and Clauset, “The Academy’s Dirty Secret” Slate. Reminding us that the reputation of your graduate program determines whether you’ll secure one of those coveted tenure-track positions. The authors focus mostly on the social sciences and history. ~ Inspired by the above article, Goodwin extends the analysis to English literature faculty and confirms that […]

On Fixing the Adjunct Crisis

Bryan Alexander posted some thoughts on ways to alleviate the adjunct crisis (at least that's how most faculty should describe it) in higher education based on a Twitter discussion we had with a few other people. Here’s a belated expansion of what I said in the comments. Paying people who teach and have advanced degrees […]

Marc Bousquet’s “The Moral Panic in Literary Studies”

Online platforms (blogs, twitter, and Facebook) continue to chip away at the hierarchies of academic power and prestige. Marc Bousquet takes his printed critique of the corporate or managerial university a step farther by pointing out literary studies' erosion—its journey to becoming as small and marginal as Classics departments—in a Chronicle of Higher Education piece, […]

Humanities PhDs, Civility, and Twitter Wars

The recent blog and Twitter tempest between Rebecca Schuman and Claire Potter hurled rage at the indignities of the higher education faculty job market (specfically, UC Riverside giving its finalists for a TT job in English Lit short notice for their interviews) at calls for civility from the post-academic and non-tenured hoi polloi. The curious […]

Academic Blogging — A meta post

I started this blog for several reasons (though I suppose these could all be after-the-fact rationalizations): Given how slowly essays submitted to academic journals appear in print, I wanted a site to share work in progress and link to already published pieces. Using a free blogging service seemed like the best and easiest way to […]