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Cyber-libertarian Resistance

It’s unfortunate that it takes Glenn Greenwald’s statements of the obvious for most people to realize the breath of this data collection and its 7-year history. James Clapper denounced the The Guardian's and The Washington Post‘s “reprehensible” disclosures of the NSA’s suctioning of the data streams Americans and foreigners generate every day, though we are […]

Debating Same-Sex Marriage

On my other blog, I’ve added a post on the recent debate on SSM that John Corvino and Maggie Gallagher had.

Hello world!

How appropriate that the WordPress developers chose “Hello World!” as the default title for the automatically generated first post of a new blog. Appropriate because this entire enterprise relies on software platforms, servers, and networked cloud storage systems of which I—as the mere blogger—am only theoretically aware, but which start with the software engineer learning […]