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LINK DIGEST — August 22, 2015

A BA is just an entry to employment, not to wage growth. Unsurprisingly, businesses are turning toward engineering and sciences for management rather than to humanists. ”Salary Gap Widens as Top Workers in Specialized Fields Reap Rewards”, NYT 2015-07-24. The European Central Bank isn’t like other central banks, in case you were wondering. ”Mario Draghi: […]

Link Digest

~ The future of LA, an Elysium of sorts. ~ Why SCOTUS should not grant a stay, but they did it anyway, consequences be damned. ~ New Year's Eve arson attempt at Seattle gay bar, which eerily resembles the New Orleans UpStairs Lounge arson attack of 1973. ~ OMG, English departments have the power to […]

Link Digest

~ Group blog Crooked Timber posts an extended discussion of academic freedom and the ASA boycott of Israeli universities. The debate participants are philosophers, political theorists, and legal scholars, etc. ~ Damiano Gui realizes digital environments have stopped looking to the so-called physical world for interface metaphors (i.e. skeumorphism) and are now looking to born […]