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~ The future of LA, an Elysium of sorts. ~ Why SCOTUS should not grant a stay, but they did it anyway, consequences be damned. ~ New Year's Eve arson attempt at Seattle gay bar, which eerily resembles the New Orleans UpStairs Lounge arson attack of 1973. ~ OMG, English departments have the power to […]

Skyline Church Same-Sex Marriage Debate — Part 4

For the final installment I'll shamelessly connect these remarks with my academic research interests. Perhaps one irony (that should not really seem like an irony to those who have read/listened to the statements from anti-gay activists) of the debate at Skyline was the pro SSM side imploring the congregation to love and accept those who […]

Skyline Church Same Sex Marriage Debate — Part 3

The few secular arguments against SSM that Morse and Gagnon offered either had no direct connection with LGBT people (Morse), or sought to pathologize homosexuality (Gagnon). Morse spent the majority of her presentation marshaling evidence that marriage as an institution has been eroding over the last 50 or so years—indeed Pew Research shows that the […]

The Skyline Church Same-Sex Marriage Debate — Part 1

Given that the Supreme Court will soon rule on the constitutionality of California's Prop. 8 and the federal government's DOMA, I thought this as good a time as any to consider a few highlights in the same-sex marriage (henceforth SSM) debates, particularly those moments that strove for as dispassionate and rational a consideration of the […]

Directly Not to Our Knowledge

The President and others have tried to justify the NSA’s spying efforts as necessary parts of the so-called war on terror. While their intentions may be good (for the most part), it easy enough for such systems to spiral beyond the control or original intentions of any one contributor. In the interview with Snowden that […]

Cyber-libertarian Resistance

It’s unfortunate that it takes Glenn Greenwald’s statements of the obvious for most people to realize the breath of this data collection and its 7-year history. James Clapper denounced the The Guardian's and The Washington Post‘s “reprehensible” disclosures of the NSA’s suctioning of the data streams Americans and foreigners generate every day, though we are […]