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Prefer New Work to Tyler Cowen’s View of Our Post-Human Future

A friend sent me a Politico editorial by Tyler Cowen about the way intelligent machinery will further erode the middle class, and otherwise upend the world economy. Some additional searching revealed that this editorial and an interview with the American Enterprise Institute are really instruments for publicizing his 2013 book Average Is Over: Powering America […]

End-to-End iMessages and Mud Puddles

Building off of Matthew Green’s discussion of public key cryptography and Apple’s iCloud service in 2012, Julian Sanchez wrote about doubts that Apple’s iMessage service was really as secure as the DEA claimed (or rather complained). Given Apple’s announcement today about their use of end-to-end encryption throws some of his assumptions into doubt. Matthew Green’s […]

Directly Not to Our Knowledge

The President and others have tried to justify the NSA’s spying efforts as necessary parts of the so-called war on terror. While their intentions may be good (for the most part), it easy enough for such systems to spiral beyond the control or original intentions of any one contributor. In the interview with Snowden that […]

Cyber-libertarian Resistance

It’s unfortunate that it takes Glenn Greenwald’s statements of the obvious for most people to realize the breath of this data collection and its 7-year history. James Clapper denounced the The Guardian's and The Washington Post‘s “reprehensible” disclosures of the NSA’s suctioning of the data streams Americans and foreigners generate every day, though we are […]